Lao Roots

LaoRoots-CoverFragments of a Nordic-Lao Family Saga

By Fleur Brofos-Asmussen

Orchid Press 1997

ISBN: 974-89271-5-6

“From 1967 onwards, the author and her family have travelled to Laos to trace their relatives still living there. The search revealed this complex and fantastic story. The author’s Norwegian grandfather, Peter Hauff, left a long account of his experiences as a trader in Indo-China from 1880 to 1928 with a number of hitherto unknown photographs of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Nowhere did he mention the Laotian mother of one of his daughters, and the Vietnamese mother of the other. The energetic Peter Hauff, after the premature death in Laos of his equally fantastic Swiss business partner, Hans Fäesch, left for Europe in late 1905. He married a woman probably not of his choice, and returned to Vietnam and established a household with his new wife and two daughters. He eventually settled in France, and died there in 1951, never having seen again his Sao Boun Ma whom he described in a note shortly before his death as the honest and faithful.“                     – Herbert Pundik






(English version)

By Somsanouk Mixay

Illustrations by Fleur Brofos-Asmussen

White Lotus Press 2013

ISBN: 978-974-8434-46-9


(French version)

ISBN: 978-974-8434-32-2

“Once upon a time….Laos! Lao Legends, a collection of magnificent Lao tales traditionally passed down orally, now particularily well captured on paper bySomsanouk Mixay and deliciously illustrated by Fleur Brofos-Asmussen, both of Lao origine, takes one on a voyage through the imaginary world and the traditions of the endearing Lao people.“         – Jean-Michel Strobino